BP/Sonatrach Phase 1 Isle of Grain Commercial Operations

The LNG Grain Agency only represents the joint Phase 1 interests of BP Gas Marketing Ltd. and Sonatrach Gas Marketing UK Limited. They are not involved in the technical operation of the terminal or any expansion phases at the terminal.

The National Grid LNG import terminal at the Isle of Grain is a converted peaking shaving facility. Phase 1 of the LNG import terminal came into operation in July 2005.

BP/Sonatrach together hold the Phase 1 capacity. This capacity entitles BP/Sonatrach to use the terminal to berth and unload LNG Ships and store LNG, before regasification and nomination of gas for delivery into the UK's National Transmission System(NTS).

For terminal specific enquiries, please contact the Terminal Operator National Grid Grain LNG.

Access to Importation Capacity

There may be times when BP/Sonatrach do not use a Phase 1 berthing slot at the Terminal and therefore in order to ensure that there is optimal use of the asset BP/Sonatrach may have importation capacity(berthing slots) available for use by third parties. Parties interested in accessing this capacity should see the schedule below.

The LNG Grain Agency will ensure you are contacted as soon as it is possible to discuss your interest, please see the contact details below.

Any press enquiries related to BP/Sonatrach Phase 1 capacity must be directed in writing to the LNG Grain Agency at lngagency@lngga.com

Secondary Capacity Access

Any unused BP/Sonatrach cargo berthing slots and associated storage capacity and delivery capacity (together referred to as "Secondary Capacity") will be made available by BP/Sonatrach and subsequently provided by Grain LNG to interested parties on the basis summarised in the documents below.

The procedure for gaining access to such Secondary Capacity is set out in the documents below (click to download):

Access to Secondary Capacity in Phase 1 of the Isle of Grain Import and Re-gasification Terminal - A Guide for Prospective Secondary Shippers (version 1.4 docx)
Confidentiality and Escrow Agreement (version 1.5 doc)

Please continue to contact the Terminal Operator - National Grid Grain LNG - for more Terminal-specific information (for example in relation to gas quality requirements and ship vetting procedures).

Contact details are as follows:

BP/Sonatrach LNG Grain Agency

Please direct all enquires to the LNG Grain Agency.
email: lngagency@lngga.com

The BP/Sonatrach Phase 1 Isle of Grain Schedule

The following is the BP/Sonatrach Phase 1 Isle of Grain Schedule for the months of September to December 2023:

SEP 2023 OCT 2023 NOV 2023 DEC 2023
06-Sep-23 03-Oct-23 05-Nov-23 02-Dec-23
13-Sep-23 09-Oct-23 12-Nov-23 08-Dec-23
19-Sep-23 16-Oct-23 18-Nov-23 15-Dec-23
26-Sep-23* 23-Oct-23 25-Nov-23 22-Dec-23
  30-Oct-23   28-Dec-23

Any berthing slot which has not been successfully auctioned under "Secondary Capacity Access" and is not intended to be used by BP/Sonatrach will be released to the Terminal Operator. These slots are indicated on the above schedule by an *. Anyone wishing to use these slots should contact the Terminal Operator via its website.

*Note: the berthing slot of 26th September 2023 has been released by the Primary Shipper to the Terminal Operator. Anyone wishing to use this slot should contact the Terminal Operator via its website. Parties interested in accessing any other berthing slot listed above should contact the BP/Sonatrach Agency via email lngagency@lngga.com in the first instance stating your interest.

This schedule has been posted on a "reasonable endeavours" basis, since potential performance issues or an event of force majeure or outages at the Isle of Grain Terminal may result in slippage to the posted dates in the above schedule. When BP/Sonatrach are aware of any changes to the published schedule, they will be reflected on this website.